Our current SLPs, submitted to the DMRE in line with the requirements of the South African Mining Charter, are all approved. They take into account the training and development, transformation and social and economic aspects of the Mining Charter.

Local Economic Development (LED) forms part of the SLP requirements for the conversion of old order to new order mining rights, as prescribed by the MPRDA.  LED projects are the outcome of an analysis process and are reviewed regularly with relevant stakeholders at the community and local government level. Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects do not necessarily form part of local government planning, but have been selected by Eastplats as appropriate interventions within a particular community. 

In general, projects supported in both areas fall under one of the following categories:

  • poverty alleviation;
  • education and sport;
  • employment creation;
  • environment; and
  • health, with an emphasis on HIV / Aids.

Progress on specific projects and the contributions to socio-economic development is reviewed and reported annually in the SLP reports submitted to the regional Department of Minerals Resources and are included in the company’s annual report. Overall responsibility for LED and CSI rests with the Chief Operating Officer.