The Company is committed to sound environmental management. It is the intent of the Company to conduct itself in partnership with the environment and community at large as a responsible and caring corporate citizen.

In line with its Sustainable Development policy, Eastplats works towards compliance with all environmental legislation and actively works towards reducing the costs of the environmental impact of its activities through prevention together with ongoing rehabilitation and mitigation of their effects.

The company’s contractors and suppliers are required to comply with Eastplats’ environmental policy.

The Company is committed to managing all phases of its business in a manner that minimizes any adverse effects of its operations on the environment in compliance with applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations.

The Company is committed to:

  • Protecting the environment against negative impacts,
  • Optimising the responsible use of environmental resources
  • Monitoring the environmental sustainability.

In addition, our commitment to sustainable environmental development is actioned by putting in place the following strategic environmental objectives:

  • Zero emissions
    • Prevention of dust and emissions, where possible, and the mitigation of their impacts if generated.
  • Zero Effluent  
    • Ensuring no effluent run off from the premises, by containment and re-use.
    • Treatment of effluent to acceptable quality standards, for release or re-use purposes.
    • Preventing soil contamination by any pollutant.
    • Preventing the loss of topsoil or the sterilization of soil.
    • Rehabilitation of polluted soil to acceptable standards.
    • Management of vegetation and storm water to minimize erosion.
  • Zero community concerns
    • Minimizing and addressing stakeholders concerns about the activities of the mine.
    • Minimizing the environmental impacts on stakeholders, through pro-active action.
    • Maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders.