Eastplats is committed to upholding the highest levels of corporate governance in all our business dealings and believe that good corporate governance is essential to the success of the entire business, and to ensuring that all stakeholders are able to benefit.

All Eastplats directors and employees are bound by the company’s core values and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. These principles are followed by all Eastplats employees, officers, and directors – and those of our subsidiaries – to promote honesty and accountability at all levels.

The Eastplats Board has adopted guidelines that assist the Board in conducting its duties, responsibilities and maintaining high levels of accountability. The Chair is responsible for managing the affairs of the Board including ensuring that the board is properly constituted and organized, fulfilling an advisory role and executing duties relating to shareholder and other meetings.

The Company and its subsidiaries are committed to operating in a socially responsible manner to minimize the impact on the environment, ensure regulatory compliance and safeguard the well-being of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Eastplats maintains a high standard of accuracy and completeness in our financial records, which serves as a basis for managing the Company’s business and is crucial for meeting stakeholder obligations as well as regulatory and legal compliance.